Frequently Asked Questions

Babies with not many teeth need any dental care? And how to use for babies?

Ans: Yes, definitely. Babies are also need dental and oral care, Just put 2-3drops of 100% Non-Chemical Tooth liquid AYUDANTHAM to the mouth and gently rub with fingers & spit out, It is enough to maintain overall oral health.

Why our gum bleeds while brushing?

Ans: With many reasons gum bleeds while brushing, one of the common reason is unhygienic oral cavity which leads to inflammation of gingival tissues due to acidic oral environment.

How dose ayudantham tooth liquid cleanses the teeths deeper?

Ans: As this is in Liquid form it enters in between the teeth without much physical effort and the herbs used in it having self draining strength which inactive the pathogenic organisms by drying its cellular fluid and AYUDANTHAM reduce it’s bio available feedings. And it also tightens the gum by its astringent property, it cleans the taste buds and normalize the salivary secretion. By balancing the oral pH, it protects entire oral health.

How do i make payment? How does it works?

Ans: Through our secure payment gateway mentioned in the site and you can transfer the money with major online banking service, google pay, phone pay and other wallets provided in site. Your payment credits to our bank through payU mony gateway and you receive the order confirmation mail.
Please call customer service number if you need other money transfer options.

How do you ship my orders?

Ans: Through Profacional corierr or express parcel service with Indian posts.

How long will it take for my order to arrive after i make payment?

Ans :Within 3-7 business days, depending upon the service area.

How dose quality ensured?

Ans : All products are prepared by highly experienced and qualified professionals. Clinical trials taken during research of all our products to provide best quality. Motto of our organization is Hospital free healthy life through chemicals free solutions

How can I receive the results?

Ans: In general overall freshness and feel the difference in first using itself. For those people with oral problems it takes different time interval based on the problems and suffering history. Associated diseases are also plays a role in getting the results.

How great is the risk that the results do not meet my expectations?

Ans: As all our prepared after lots of laboratorial and clinical research, it meets almost all the assured indications, but in some people who are suffering with any systemic and chronic diseases like uncontrolled diabetes, bone & bone marrow issues, oral cancer need different line of treatment. In these conditions one should meet concerned health authority.

How long does it typically take before I receive my completed order?

Ans: We are connecting with Indian postal service to reach all over the India. It has air parcel support too, so you get your parcel with in 3-7 business days

Is liquid ayudantham is easy to carry ? During vacations?

Ans: Yes of course!! It’s a bottle of 30ml and 100ml so its weight is very Negligible to carry and due to quality bottles no risk of damages during vacations.

What happened if children swallow by mistaken?

Ans: Need not to worry. It’s doesn’t contain any chemicals, it’s 100% safe even if they swallowed. It doesn’t have any side effects.