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Cure bad breath fast and long term

By September 5, 2019October 30th, 2019No Comments

Bad breathe from mouth

Many people suffer bad breathe in silence and put off going to a doctor, while many don’t even know which type of doctor to approach. Others depend on a simple brushing and flossing routine to keep bad breath away.

There are so many reasons for bad breathe 

  • Food particles debris in mouth
  • Tooth cavities
  • Dry mouth
  • Indigestion

And few more reasons

The chances of bad breathe is the food particles are left in the mouth and they resulting sulphur compounds. Maintain the proper hygiene can help to get rid of bad breathe.

Let’s see how Clinically and Laboratory proven* AYUDANTHAM Non chemical, Frothfree Tooth liquid works on bad breathe through it’s precious herbs

Ayudantham contains a Yastimadhu. It restores and Protects the mucosal layer damaged by regular use Chemicalised food habits and toothpaste. And
Nimba actively checks the dental caries, increase taste perception by activating taste buds. It removes the microbes by inhibiting the bio availability of food. Cleans and heals tooth decay. And mainly it balances oral pH.

Bad breathe by indigestion : Triphala support to Reginuvates the cell of mucosa and support the oral blood circulation and Maintain Gastric pH by proper secretion of saliva and also strengthens the gum, both together helps in proper digestion.

These herbs are the best combination in AYUDANTHAM which blending with few other herbs and helps to overcoming your all oral problems including Bad breathe.

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