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Ayudantham is prepared with ingredients from plants which have been grown in organic farms. In these farms, collection – storage – purification of herbs, is made naturally. Hence eliminating usage of chemicals through out the process.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why our gum bleeds while brushing?

With many reasons gum bleeds while brushing, one of the common reason is unhygienic oral cavity which leads to inflammation of gingival tissues due to acidic oral environment.

How do you ship my orders?

Through Profacional corierr or express parcel service with Indian posts.

How dose quality ensured?

All products are prepared by highly experienced and qualified professionals. Clinical trials taken during research of all our products to provide best quality. Motto of our organization is Hospital free healthy life through chemicals free solutions.

How can I receive the results?

In general overall freshness and feel the difference in first using itself. For those people with oral problems it takes different time interval based on the problems and suffering history. Associated diseases are also plays a role in getting the results.

Customer Reviews

I took very few seconds to rinse my mouth with very little water after brushing with this liquid. By which I could save my precious time and water. Moreover I feel fresh whole day, no smell at all from oral cavity.

Kotresh K M, Davanagere

I am suffering from halitosis and tooth sensitivity since many years. When someone told me to use this Ayudantham Tooth Liquid, indeed I felt much relief! It took me decades to get such a wonderful product without side effects.

Basavaraj G.S. Harihar

I am using Ayudantham Tooth Liquid since 3 months. Before I used to brush teeth with tooth pastes, after each brushing I was feeling bitter taste and residual of froth. But when I started to use Ayudantham it is giving me a totally different experience. Really it’s a very good product.

Roopa M. G. , Mangalore

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