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Mouth ulcer Treatment with ayurvedic tooth liquid

By September 5, 2019October 30th, 2019No Comments

Mouth ulcers / canker sores

Mouth ulcers are the sores inside the mouth, lips and tounge. This can be extremely uncomfortable and make it difficult for some people to eat, drink, and brush their teeth.

Factors affecting on causes of mouth ulcer :

  • lmproper maintainance of oral pH
  • Excess consuming of hard, hot, spicy and junk food
  • Lack of saliva secretion
  • Harmons imbalance
  • Dehydration and stress

And insomnia are the main cause of mouth ulcers..

Let’s see how Clinically and Laboratory proven*  AYUDANTHAM Non chemical, Froth free Tooth liquid works on Mouth ulcers through it’s precious Herb’s

Yashti Madhu

Having the property of Vrana Shoshana(Washing the wound) and Vrana Ropana(Healing on wound)

The root of Yashtimadhu or Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. is used as a drug for strengthening muscle and bone, increasing physical strength and treating peptic ulcers. Scientific studies have shown that glycosides help treat ulceration or inflammation,  and mouth ulcers.


Amlakki is works on anti peptic ulcer activities by its normal regeneration of cells of mucosa.


Kashaya rasa(? ) helps to reduces the bioavailability of too to bacteria
It’s enriched with vitro antibacterial enzymes.

And these are helpful to maintain the oral pH. These herbs can directly works to increase of salivary secretion due to their a their bitter and sour tastes..

How to heal mouth ulcers:

  • stop eating hard food
    ( it’s damages the sores again and leads to more pain and in some cases bleeding too)
  • Stop using tooth paste
    ( most of the tooth pastes is ready with the base formula of many harmful chemicals such as sodium loreial sulphate, and detergent/soap contains.
    These chemicals easily harms the wounded sores and damages the taste buds.)
  • Stop eating sweet/ candies/ sugar,
    ( sugar can easily consumed in oral bacterias are uses the sugar and  results in produces it’s related acidic components. It’s again hurts to the sores)
    Note: many of tooth paste contains sugar, be aware of it.

Looking for a alternative revolutionary for harmful toothpaste?

Not only you, the whole world suffering from different oral related issues and start looking chemicals free solution for it.

Team of researchers in Ayurvedic Profacionals are finally find out the solution for it. It’s a world first non chemical, tooth liquid works on mouth ulcers very well with proven results and testimonies

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